Community Garden

A few years ago Barrhaven Fellowship looked around our community to see where we could better serve. One of the outcomes was the birth of the Barrhaven Community Garden.  

Barrhaven Fellowship is blessed with 4 acres of land in the heart of Barrhaven - a small suburb of Ottawa. 

Most of the surrounding homes do not have space for a garden.  We were able to partner our excess land with the green thumbs in the community to launch the community garden.

If you are gardening enthusiast, we invite you to sign up and reserve your plot.  For more information contact the garden group at and we will be happy to connect you with the West Barrhaven Community Garden.

We also have a Communal Garden section where we grow and distribute vegetables to supplement the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. It’s a big job that runs the whole season and if you are interested in helping please contact: